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Shopwaive is a leading commerce technology platform that provides tools such as Marketing, Checkout, B2B, Customer and Payment APIs

What is Shopwaive?

Shopwaive is an AI-powered store credit and gift card management solution that helps brands send highly-converting incentives and offers to every customer, turning on-the-fence types into buyers and addressing key marketing challenges with an API-first design. Shopwaive is the leading provider in customer incentivized marketing, helping brands connect with their customers on a personal level with intelligent store credit and gift card management and so much more.
Build your brand with Shopwaive
Using its powerful AI service, the Shopwaive platform helps marketers, store admins, and business owners send messages, store credit, cash back, and gift cards with Email and SMS Campaigns, a Business Suite for Enterprise Store Credit and Gift Card Management, B2B Integrations and Orders, and where brands can create their own Cash Back and Loyalty Programs that drive higher performance for a fraction of the effort. Thanks to built-in compliance tools, trusted deliverability, and our best-in-class REST Admin API, Shopwaive helps brands launch and scale their businesses from local communities to across the globe.
Shopwaive drives 2.5x+ revenue, and on average twice more triggered email revenue for leading brands across global markets. Shopwaive helps brands in Retail/eCommerce, Health & Beauty, Apparel & Accessories, Travel & Hospitality, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), and Media & Entertainment engage shoppers across the buying lifecycle and drive higher ROI for their SMS and email marketing campaigns. To learn more about Shopwaive or to request a demo, visit

Technology that powers commerce

Satisfy your customers 100% of the time. Shopwaive is a customer marketing platform that facilitates digital payments, gift cards, deposits, and store credits using webhooks, email, and integrated apps. Use cases include depositing store credit for order issues and campaigns; facilitating checkout and gift cards for prepaid crowdfunding and pre-orders on a website builder platform; selling gift cards and subscriptions; B2B vendor and 3rd-party credit requests and approvals; automatic credit deposits for affiliate marketing and post-purchase flows and much more.
Shopwaive's technology creates bespoke customer buying journeys. The platform enables seamless integration of powerful work flows across your Sales channels, like Headless commerce, Website builder platforms, CRM, Point-of-sale, Mobile, Social, iOS, Android, and more

Gift Cards, Checkout plugins, and Store Credit

Shopwaive provides world-class Software-as-a-service subscription plans that add measurable value to global brands access to and versatility of Gift cards, Store credit, Cash Back and Loyalty, Discounts, B2B Orders, Refunds, Combinations, Checkout, Analytics and Reporting, Cloud services, Database, APIs, Messaging, Authentication and ID verification services

Cash Back and Loyalty Program

New! Create your own Cash Back program with Shopify's native Shopify Flows app. Don't get bogged down with the limitations of other Loyalty and Reward programs. You know your customers better than any technology or platform, thats why having maximum control of how, who, and when you reward is important. Use Shopwaive's Cash Back and Loyalty feature to create your own program.
What are Brands saying about conventional Loyalty and Rewards programs?
Let's not complicate this, its too expensive and time-consuming
What do we say to that? Start with Shopwaive today, and take back control (and cost savings) with our in-house Cash Back, Loyalty, and Rewards programs that are fully native to Shopwaive and Shopify Flows

Powerful Work Flows

Connect your Klaviyo account with Shopwaive to automate powerful SMS messaging and email flows. Flows are powered by the Shopwaive API and integration of partner APIs
D2C account management just got a lot easier

Flexibility with Payments

Offer Cash Back, Rewards, Points, or Tokens to your customers. Give customers a digital wallet and issue refunds and cash that can only be spent on your store
Flexible payments with store credit, cash, points, or tokens

ChatGPT-4 Powered Customer Support

Our team is here when you need us and we typically respond within 24 hours, but our AI chat bots can help get you started quickly

Automations that Make Your Life Easier

Use our design canvas to create your branded customer-facing interface thats a pixel-perfect match. Create Email templates that trigger automatically, get access to our API, and much more
Shopwaive for online and in-store customer accounting

Cost-saving benefits

Shopwaive develops disrupting internet business and commerce technology to help you boost customer growth and scale your brand, all at an affordable, market-competitive price. Migrate your customers to Shopwaive today in just a few minutes to save compounding amounts of time and money.
Here are some highlights:
  • Store credit with bulk import simplifies importing customer accounts or make changes across thousands of your customers in just seconds. Migrate from other platforms with just a few clicks
Bulk import store credit with the convenient drag and drop editor
  • Refunds with Shopify allow you to provide partial store credit for various quantities and line items of an existing order, including crediting or excluding the costs of shipping fees and taxes
Line-item refunds enables making it right with customers a breeze and precise
  • Checkout extensions allow customers of Shopify Plus merchants to redeem with a single click at checkout and combine credit with other promotions or discounts. Apply credit to the full cart costs, including merchandise, shipping, taxes, and fees
  • Top up flows with Zapier let you automatically add credit to a customer's account based on their purchases or other actions
  • Shopify flows enable you to connect Google Sheets to record all your customer transaction history
Shopify Plus Checkout extensions enable customers to checkout with their credit with one-click
  • Crowdfunding pledges and Pre-Orders can be handled seamlessly with issuance of pre-paid credit or Gift Cards in the amount of the pledge or pre-order to facilitate checkout on your launch site
  • Klaviyo Integration enables you to connect your customer's Shopwaive data in email and SMS flows defined in Klaviyo
  • Draft orders integration enables B2B merchants to apply store credit to open draft orders
  • Requests and approvals enables B2B merchants to review 3rd-party and vendor store credit requests, natively integrated with our email services for a streamlined experience
  • Zapier Integration enables you to power a Zap using a webhook POST to update a customer's credit after they purchase a product or take some other action
  • Tapcart Integration enables your mobile app users to redeem credit by entering their email address in the discount code field with Tapcart
  • Bulk Rewards and Discounts enables you to create thousands of discount codes in seconds using CSV import
  • Shopify POS enables you to checkout customers in-store with smart grid tiles
Shopwaive smart grid tiles let you refund, redeem, or remove customer credit from the Shopify POS checkout cart
  • And the Shopwaive API provides your developers tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing framework
Struggling to convert customers at checkout? Think Shopwaive. Work Smarter not harder

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