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Crowdfunding and Pre-Orders

Issue pre-paid credit in the amount of the pledge or pre-order to facilitate checkout on your launch site
Tip: Need help with pre-orders or migrating crowdfunding pledges and customers onto your launch site? Use this guide to get started and if you need additional help or have questions contact us at [email protected]


New creative business ideas and humanitarian causes can find great success with crowdfunding platforms to fundraise as a global audience is captivated by pitching in to help and pledge support. Often, pre-orders are placed on a platform other than a company's launch site or website builder platform (i.e. Shopify). However, it is advantageous to categorize these new supporters, pledges, and pre-orders as effectively new paying customers that belong within your Shopify, ERP, CRM or other website framework for order processing including fulfillment and shipping, marketing, business analytics, and more. But, the paying customer has already pre-paid for their order and you need to somehow migrate the pre-order into Shopify. Discount codes are not an ideal solution since creating them to waive all costs plus the potential to combine them with other discounts is a laborious task. The thought of manually creating these orders one-by-one is nothing short of nightmare with many late nights drinking red bull and burning the midnight oil when you know there has to be a way to do this faster and more efficiently so you can focus on higher value work.


Enter into the scene, and introducing Shopwaive. Let us help you do this in just a few minutes following the steps outline below


  1. 1.
    Create a spreadsheet of your pre-orders, including the total amount paid by the customer. You may already have one handy or can export it from the pre-order site
  2. 2.
    Next give customers credit in the amount they paid, including taxes, and other fees but excluding shipping costs. To cover the shipping cost, you'll waive the cost of shipping the pre-order item by issuing a single FREE shipping credit. Use the bulk CSV import using the template provided or our REST API to do this in a minute or less. If you've not installed Shopwaive yet, you'll need to do that first
  3. 3.
    Your customers can now log in to your site, add the pre-paid items to their cart, and check out with credit applied. Since the credit applied is the precise pre-paid amount of the pre-order or crowdfunding pledge, the customer checks out without any additional payment needed and the order is created within your Shopify or other site framework.
  4. 4.
    If you are are using a Headless site with Shopify powering the back-end processes, you can continue to use our REST API to create order links to checkout with the pre-paid amount waived by the credit automatically applied
  5. 5.
    Your new customer is now created and their order details including shipping address and fulfillment can now be accessed on the Orders page
Combine discount codes with store credit