New! Shopify Plus brands can increase AOV by incentivizing customers with earned cash back by displaying eligible products at Checkout and their cash back value

With Shopwaive's new Upsells solution, brands love the seamless one-click add solution that inherently increases AOV, and satisfies customers with an instant reward for adding more products to their checkout. Plus, you can allow customers to earn unique cash back amounts for each product added

Upsells are our newest addition to Shopify Plus Checkout solutions. To get started with Upsells, add the Upsells app block to your Checkout. Then, open the Shopwaive app and click on the Design tab. Once you click Design, choose the Upsells App Block. You can fully customize the text and labels here, and you can choose filters to only display products eligible for cash back. Click Save all settings

As opposed to a generic form of product offers, with Shopwaive Upsells you can fully customize the design and text, but one thing that makes it truly unique is you can incentivize your customers to add products to their checkout in exchange for earning credit. The setup is simple and fully integrated with Shopify's systems.

Earn cash back with Upsells

If you just want to add the Upsells to your checkout without the earned credit feature, you just simply add it to your Checkout with no changes needed from the Design tab. If instead, you want to show only products that customers can earn cash back then you can do the following:

Step 1: From the Shopify admin, add a unique tag to the product(s) you want customers to earn credit, for example cashback. Then from the Shopwaive app, click Design, choose Upsells App block, and then add tag:cashback in the text input for Tag query. This will only show product upsells that have tag cashback. Click Save all settings

Step 2: Next, from your Shopify Admin > Settings > Custom Data define a new metafield for Products, and assign them a value. For example, add a metafield definition for products with namespace custom and key cashback. For the metafield definition value type, choose Single line text. Then enter those values on the Shopwaive Design tab, click Save all settings. Then from the Shopify Admin, visit the products you tagged with cashback, and enter a earned cashback value for their cashback metafield, for example 20. This will show your customers how much they will earn ($20) if they purchase that product

Step 3: Finally, you can install or ask us to install the Shopify Flow that will increment customers earned cash back credits according to the products and their cashback metafield values for each order

Metafield values for earned cash back are unitless. So the value earned is equivalent to the Store presentment currency settings, or you could choose to use multipliers to modify this amount or use a points systems

Here is an example of a product that has the cashback metafield definition (see Step 3 above) with value of 12.50, as you can see, the customer is incentivized to add the product to their checkout, in exchange for earning a $12.50 cash back reward.

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