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Launching Shopwaive on your store is easy. Use the steps outlined below to get started
If you need help, just send us a message in the chat and one of our team members will be glad to guide you through setup
Flexible checkout, store credit, rewards and discounts with Shopwaive

Install on Shopify

You can install Shopwaive on your Shopify store by visiting the Shopify App Store and installing the app.
Install Shopwaive on the Shopify App Store

Get started with these steps

Step 1: Turn on Shopwaive
If you are using Shopwaive on Shopify, after installing the app ensure you enable the App embed by navigating to the Shopify Admin > Sales Channels > Online Store > Customize. Then click the App embeds icon on the left menu pane. Find the Shopwaive app listed and toggle on.
If your theme does not support Shopify's Theme app extensions or app embeds, contact our team and we can provide integration support to get you setup in minutes.
Enable the Shopwaive app embed on your Shopify theme
Step 2: Enable customer accounts
If you are using Shopwaive on Shopify, ensure you enable customer accounts by navigating to the Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout > Customer accounts. Then enable the setting Accounts are optional or Accounts are required. Accounts are required for customers to receive and use credit on Shopify.
Step 3: Verify email sending address
To send emails to your customers from the Shopwaive, you will verify your email address. The email address eligible for sending emails from Shopwaive is the same email set for Shopify Notifications found in the Shopify admin at Settings > Notifications
If you wish to change your sending address in Shopwaive, just change it in the Shopify admin in the Notifications settings. If you recently changed your notifications email from the Shopify admin, refresh the page after opening Shopwaive
  1. 1.
    Open the Shopwaive app
  1. 2.
    Click the Verify email address button at the top or go to Settings and scroll to the Verify Email Domain setting
  2. 3.
    An email will be sent to your email address on file for Shopify notifications. Click the link in the email received from Amazon AWS services to complete the email verification process
  3. 4.
    Go back to the Shopwaive app and you will be given a new option to send emails in the Adjust balance popup. You will also have the option to send mass emails to all customers with existing credit, to do this go to Settings and enable the Bulk Email Notifications

Shopify POS

If you're using Shopify POS in a brick-and-mortar shop and would like to use Shopwaive for customer credit accounting for in-store purchases, see Shopify POS.

Install on a different platform

Not on Shopify? You can install Shopwaive on your Wix store by visiting the Wix AppMarket and installing the app. Refer to our Wix documentation for full details.
If you have a custom website not hosted by Shopify or Wix, Shopwaive can be installed with the help of our team. Contact us and we can provide integration support to get you setup.