New! Shopify Plus brands can create promotional offers with unique eligibility rules and expirations with seamless redemption options at Checkout

With Shopwaive's new Offers solution, brands love the seamless one-click redemption without requiring customers to enter a code. Plus, you can now allow customers to redeem multiple offers in the same checkout session

If you are a Shopify Plus brand and use Shopwaive Gift Cards, you can optimize the customer UX with gift offer redemption

Offers are best suited when used in combination with our Customer and Actions APIs. Let us know if you need help getting setup, we're here to help. To get started with Offers, open the app and click the item in the left side menu labeled Settings. Once you click Settings, scroll down and toggle on Offers. Note, turning on Offers will automatically disable the ability for customers to redeem store credit by entering any amount in the input field and clicking Redeem. Instead, customers redeem their credit by choosing from a list of different offers, each with their own expiration date and value.

A few additional settings you can choose is to allow multiple or single offer redemption. Multiple offer redemption allows offers to be stacked and redeemed during the same checkout session.

Also, you can choose to show your brand logo or other media if you defined one when you created the offer. If the offer media is disabled, no graphic is shown to the left of the description of each offer in the list. If you create the offer using the Customer API PUT endpoint, you have the option to define a unique media url for each offer. Otherwise, if the offer media is enabled but no media is defined for the individual offer, then the brand logo is used instead.

Next, scroll down and toggle on the Expiration setting. Choose Multiple expiry dates

Create offers

To create offers, you have two options. For maximum flexibility, we recommend the Customer and Action API which will allow you to create, edit, and delete offers. You can also create new offers with a Bulk Increment Import, however, you cannot currently edit or delete offers within the app.

Use the Customer PUT endpoint to create a new offer, where you can define the expirationdate, amount of the offer, and note. The note field is equivalent to the offer title and description and will be displayed to the customer at Checkout. With the media field, you can also include an offer image or graphic by including a url link to the media that the offer is associated with.

Bulk Increment Import

When you create a Bulk Increment Import, offers are automatically created. To show them at the Checkout page, you will add the Redeem Checkout Extension for Shopify Plus and enable Multiple expiry dates from Settings.

Bulk Assign Imports do not create offers, since this type of import assigns a customers total balance

Multiple offer redemption

With Shopwaive's multiple offer redemption setting, which allows redeeming multiple offers at a time, you may observe increases to customer satisfaction and customer perceived value due to the added flexibility that combining offers presents.

Single offer redemption

With Shopwaive's single offer redemption, which only allows redeeming one offer at a time, you may observe increases to AOV, frequency, and total number of customer orders.

Edit and Delete offers

To edit and delete offers, follow the steps outlined in the Action API documentation.

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