Get to know your way around Shopwaive's leading customer acquisition and marketing platform

This page walks you through various sections, features and menus that you'll find within the Shopwaive app. Start by installing the app or logging into your account on your website platform.

The menu bar is the section located at the left of the app.

The menu contains:

  • The Shopwaive homepage link The homepage link provides convenient quick access to the Shopwaive website, where you can access documentation for getting started or contact support

  • Account Plans Subscriptions provide access to various features and functionality of Shopwaive. You can upgrade your subscription by clicking the Subscription badge on the topbar, or clicking the initial avatar and selecting Upgrade

Quick tip. If you plan to delete all of your Shopwaive customer account data, we recommend to first use this option to export all your customer data to CSV which serves as a backup in case you change your mind later

Email verification status

Good to know. If email addresses are imported into your Shopwaive account using the bulk Import feature that do not previously have an account with your website, unverified customer accounts are automatically created for you on the Shopify platform. You can request your newly imported customers to verify their email address by navigating to the Shopify Admin and send an email request that asks them to verify their email address with your website. Customers must have an Email Verified status to be able to access their credit account


The customers dashboard provides a search field to find customers that have signed up and registered an email address on your website.

Note that registering an email address does not necessarily mean the customer has verified their address. When a customer register's an email address on your site, they are sent an email confirmation they must use to verify

The customers dashboard contains the following menu options:


  • Your customer accounts The accounts page provides a search field with a list of customer accounts that have been synced from your eCommerce platform to Shopwaive. You can search by account status or email address. An Email Verified status is required before customers can access their credit account. You can use the Adjust balance button to quickly adjust customer account balance or notes, send an email notification, or modify credit expiration dates

Recent transactions

  • Your customer recent transactions Your feed provides helpful insights of recent activity, including adjustments you've made to customer accounts and also Order transactions that included credit. If customers placed an order with credit, you are provided a link to the Order details page. You can export transactions to CSV for your records or analytics


  • Your analytics and performance Click to open your performance dashboard, where you can view a snapshot of your data metrics, including cumulative outstanding balance, cumulative redeemed balance, total credit issued (sum of redeemed and outstanding), total customers with credit, total sales, and orders


  • Your connected Klaviyo flows Setup an existing Klaviyo flow and connect it to Shopwaive. You have options to trigger flows defined in Klaviyo including Email and SMS notifications for low balance, account activation requests, and unspent balance reminders. With Klaviyo, you have many powerful options including using Time delays, such that if a customer makes a purchase with credit that reduces their available balance below a defined threshold, then a low balance email can be sent on a delay (i.e. 3 days after the purchase that triggered the flow), rather than immediately after the purchase. In this case, the email notification delay can include a link back to your store as reminder credit still remains to be spent


  • Your storefront popup (optional) Design your customer-facing popup to match your website theme, customize the appearance of text, labels, and buttons and choose your modal background and font family


On the Settings page, make selections for your profile and brand logo and much more

  • Store Currency Click to modify your Shopwaive currency setting. With Shopwaive, you have options to combine credit with normal forms of payment (eg. Visa or Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay). Alternatively, you can offer custom store currency such as with points or tokens, or other major currencies in their local format

Note. If you change the Shopwaive currency format, you still need to update your website platform currency settings as well. In Shopify, you can make changes to your store currency settings by navigating to Settings > Store details > Store currency

  • Email status Click to open the main Shopwaive app settings page where you can toggle the Email status display setting. Enable this setting to show an email verification status badge in the Customers search dashboard

  • Multiselect Click to open the main Shopwaive app settings page where you can toggle the multiselect display setting. Enable this setting to conveniently select and export only selected accounts when exporting customer data. If not enabled, you will export all customer data by default

  • Delete accounts Click to open the main Shopwaive app settings page where you can delete all Shopwaive customer data. This action zeroes out all existing balances. You can import new credit or update balances of all your customers quickly using the bulk import feature or contacting our team at support@shopwaive.com.

Note: Deleting customer account balances is irreversible. It is recommended to create a backup by exporting all data prior to deleting. This action does not affect any other website platform customer data outside of Shopwaive. If you delete data by mistake, you can always contact our team at support@shopwaive.com who can help with restoring a backup

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