Automatic Discounts

Apply discount codes automatically for customers in an eligible segment

Shopify Plus brands can now trigger discount codes to apply automatically at Checkout for eligible customer segments. This feature requires Checkout extensibility for Shopify Plus and is integrated in the Redeem Checkout extension

Use this feature to bypass the need for customers to manually enter a discount code if customers are in the customer segment defined for the discount.

Step 1: From the Shopify Discounts admin, create a discount code (i.e. SUMMER20) and select a customer segment (i.e. Customers tagged with first_order).

To use this feature, the discount is required to be created as a discount code, not an automatic discount. Also, the discount code has to be associated with at least one customer segment (but it can be associated with more than one)

Step 2: Next, go into the Shopwaive app and select which discounts you want to automatically extend to eligible customers when they go to checkout. If your customer is eligible, our systems will automatically apply the code to the cart.

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