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Product features

Shopwaive develops advanced internet business and digital commerce technology for global CMS and website builder platforms

Features and functionality

Tip: New features are continuously being rolled out. If your brand would like to submit a feature request, contact our team at [email protected] we'd be glad to assist
Store credit via Payment codes
Combine with other offers
Single expiry date
Pro & Enterprise available
Multiple expiry dates
Multiple for same email
Bulk import available
Bulk export available
Requires customer login
Refunds and exchanges
Digital wallet functionality
Shopwaive widget
Tapcart Integration
Klaviyo Integration
Zapier Integration
Email integration
Order API
Customer API and Top ups
Subscriptions and Flows
Reporting and analytics
Currency options
Canvas design editor
Fraud protection
24/7 Customer Support
Enterprise features require the Shopwaive Pro subscription plan. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more
Have questions on any specific features? Contact us