Setup Shopwaive the way you want. Enable features, adjust widget location, and currency settings

If you need help, just send us a message in the chat and one of our team members will be glad to guide you through setup

This guide assumes you already installed Shopwaive on your Wix store, staging, or development store as outlined in the prior steps. Confirm you can access the Shopwaive app in the Wix admin before proceeding. See Installation for more details

Override button appearance and pop-up

The default setting for the Shopwaive button is to appear on your site only after (1) a user logs into their account AND (2) the customer has a credit balance greater than 0 that you created within the Shopwaive app.

On your store you may wish to override this default behavior and hide the Shopwaive credit button by default. Brands may choose to do this so that the modal pop-up is launched by a native button or click event inside a pre-existing menu or other HTML element. In this way, customers can still redeem their credit using a native button click without the default Shopwaive credit button.

Natively launch Shopwaive on Wix — Step-by-step:

Follow these steps to hide the Shopwaive button and connect the pop-up to a different button on your site.

  1. Email our team at support@shopwaive, letting us know you'd like to hide the default Shopwaive button

  2. Find the HTML selector for the button you wish to connect. To do this, you will need to access the developer console to inspect your page using Chrome or Safari browser.

Example using Chrome:

Visit your website and navigate to the button you wish to connect to. Right click the button, and select Inspect from the menu. In the example below, we are connecting to the menu item labeled "Platform".

The developer console window will pop up on the right, with the button or selector element highlighted in blue as show below, right click the highlighted area and select Copy > Copy selector

Once you copy the selector, paste the selector in the code below, such that SELECTOR is replaced by your selector. In the example above, our selector is #comp-l6tpt9x00label


setTimeout(function () {
    $("SELECTOR").unbind().on("click", function (e) {
}, 1500);

Once you replace with your selector, copy the code and navigate to your Wix admin, select Settings and scroll to the bottom to select Custom code. Click the + Add Custom Code button at the top right.

  1. In the popup menu, paste in your code in the code snippet text box

  2. Enter a name of your code, such as Shopwaive

  3. Select All pages, and Load code on each new page

  4. Select to Place Code in Head

  5. Click Apply

You are finished, go ahead and test by following these steps:

  1. Email our team at to let us know you would like the default behavior or the Shopwaive button to be hidden

  2. Open the Shopwaive app within your Wix dashboard

  3. Search for a test customer with an email account that already has completed registration on your site, i.e. support or admin email address

  4. Give store credit

  5. Log into your store with the same email address as the one issued credit in the previous step

  6. Navigate to a page that has the native button or menu you connected and click to test the Shopwaive popup appears

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