Store credit

Get started with Shopwaive by importing existing customer accounts, issuing refunds with store credit, and more

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This guide assumes you already installed Shopwaive on your Wix store, staging, or development store as outlined in the prior steps. Confirm you can access the Shopwaive app in the Wix admin before proceeding. See Installation for more details

Step 1: Give store credit
  • Import existing customer accounts using the Bulk import editor or search for your customer by email using the Customers dashboard, click Adjust balance

  • Make edits to your customer available balance, notes, or send an email notification. Once you make edits to a customer account, a Shopwaive credit account is automatically created

  • If a customer has only subscribed to your email newsletter through a previous marketing campaign, they will still need to visit your site and create login credentials to access their credit and for you to search and issue credit for that email

Step 2: Customers redeem store credit
  • Customers will log into their account they created on your website using the email address that you issued credit. If the customer has a Shopwaive credit account and balance, the Shopwaive widget appears at the bottom of the page

  • Before or after logging in, customers add items to their cart

  • Your customers have the option to redeem their full available balance or apply partial credit towards a purchase. By clicking the widget, customers can apply any amount to their checkout

  • After entering the amount they wish to redeem, customers click Get payment code to generate a payment voucher. They click the code to copy it to their clipboard and then can paste it into the promo field at Checkout

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