Referral program

New! Brands can now launch their own referral program. How does it work? Customers and affiliates share their unique referral link to earn rewards when new customers sign up

Shopwaive's Referral program empowers your loyal customer base and affiliates to share your brand with new potential customers through vlogs, social, messaging, and email channels

While the default settings will be best suited for most, you have the option to customize your Referral program settings however you like

Each of your customers and affiliates are assigned a unique referral link; if new customers sign up using their link you can select to reward one or both parties from the Referral program settings shown below. You can even choose to expire the reward after a given amount of time or select to never expire.

Next, enter a description of the reward, or you can leave this blank. You can use the {{credit}} merge tag to place the amount of the reward anywhere in the description text.

Next, enter your landing page url path where your new potential customers will sign up on your website. For example, the path /account/register is a common landing page for new account sign ups, but your sign up page path could be different. If you have multiple sign up pages, simply enter a single forward slash / for the path.

Next, choose your CSS query selector. This is the selector of the form, html, or button submitted when your customers create their account on your site. If you're unsure, just reach out to us, we can help.

Finally, just click Save. Now your Referral program is live and customers and affiliates can start earning rewards on each referral.

After turning on the Referral program, developers can use the GET Customer API endpoint to fetch the unique referral links of customers and affiliates and display them on their account page or in email notifications, for example

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