Store Credit

Get started with Shopwaive by importing existing customer accounts, issue refunds with store credit, and much more

Store credit is compatible with all Shopify Themes and can be used with both Shopify and Shopify Plus subscription plans.

This guide assumes you already installed Shopwaive on your Shopify store, staging, or development store as outlined in the prior steps. Confirm you can access the Shopwaive app in the Shopify admin before proceeding. See Installation for more details

How to Give Store Credit — Step-by-step:

Step 1: How do I give store credit?
  • Within the Shopwaive app admin, import existing customer accounts using the Bulk import editor or search for your customer by email using the Customers dashboard. Click the customer in the list or click the ellipsis to View account

  • Make edits to your customer available balance, notes, expiry date or send an email notification. Once you make edits to a customer account, if an account does not already exists a Shopwaive credit account is automatically created

  • Optionally, connect a Klaviyo flow to automatically send customers an email or SMS message once you give them credit or make updates to their account. When used with the bulk import editor, this feature can unlock powerful work flows. You can update customer account data in seconds, which automatically triggers an email sent to your customers with backlinks to your store encouraging them to redeem their credit

Related topic: Setup Shopify Flows where you can create deposits or debits to customer accounts on a recurring schedule (i.e. 1st day of the month). You can even create your own Cash Back Loyalty program. The options are unlimited and can be as complex as you prefer. For example setup a Shopify Flow when an Admin user or customer from a Segment takes action (i.e. Admin creates a Draft order or Customer from a tagged-defined segment purchases a product from a collection with a minimum order value)

Step 2: How do customers redeem store credit?

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus merchants can choose to use the Shopwaive Checkout extension, where a convenient Redeem button placed at checkout enables customers to redeem with one-click

Shopify POS Credit

An employee or cashier uses the Shopwaive Smart Grid tiles to view and apply a customer's available balance on the Shopify POS cart at the time of purchase. See Shopify POS Credit

Basic and Advanced Shopify Plans

  • Customers will log into their account they created on your website. If the customer has a Shopwaive credit account (after completing all previous steps, see Installation for details), the Shopwaive widget appears at the bottom of the page

  • Before or after logging in, customers add items to their cart

  • Your customers have the option to redeem their full available balance or apply partial credit towards a purchase. By clicking the popup, customers can apply any amount to their checkout

  • If customers choose to combine credit with a discount code, you can enable the Combinations setting by opening the Shopwaive app and clicking the Settings menu button. Once in the Settings panel, enable Combinations. Now, two text fields appear in the Shopwaive popup, the top field the customer enters the amount they wish to redeem, and the bottom field they enter the case-sensitive discount code. Then they click Apply to checkout to generate a Checkout link

  • Customers can click the Checkout button to be routed to checkout with selections applied

You have the option to hide the popup visibility within the Design settings of the app. You can also select to show the popup only if the customer has an available balance

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