Extend Store credit with Gift codes

After reviewing this guide you will be able to bulk import store credit and extend it as a gift code at checkout

Tip: Need help extending store credit to apply toward the full cart cost (i.e. taxes, shipping, and fees)? Use this guide to get started and if you need additional help or have questions contact us at support@shopwaive.com


For Shopify Plus merchants who wish to issue store credit as a true alternative form of payment or for crowdfunding or pre-orders, you can bulk import store credit in the amount the customer pledged, and then enable them to apply it toward the full cart costs including taxes, shipping, and fees. This will allow the order to be created in Shopify without any additional amount being transacted at Checkout. To use this feature, you will need to install the Shopwaive Gift Cards extension by creating a custom app on your store. Reach out to support@shopwaive.com for any support needed, but this typically takes only 1 - 2 minutes to complete. Shopify Plus is required.

Be sure to enable Gift cards on your store from the Shopify Admin before proceeding. If you've already enabled Gift cards but you've never created a gift card before, create a test gift card from Products > Gift cards in the Shopify admin before completing the steps below

Install the Shopwaive Gift Card extension

Step 1: Navigate to Shopify Admin > Settings > Apps and sales channels > Develop apps

Step 2: Click Create an app

Step 3: Name the app. You can use Shopwaive: Gift Cards Extension if you prefer

Step 4: Click Configure Admin API scopes

Step 5: Search for scopes by typing "gift" in the search field. Then check the box next to write_gift_cards and read_gift_cards. Then click Save

Step 6: Click the API credentials tab at the top, then Install app

Step 7: Click Install from the popup to confirm the installation

Step 8: Click Reveal token once to be shown the access token, but be sure to copy and paste it somewhere secure, or just save it in the Shopwaive settings. You'll only be shown the token once

Step 9: Save the Admin API access token in your Shopwaive settings. Then turn on the Gift Cards Extension toggle and you're done.

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