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Import accounts

Giving customers credit should be easy. Thats why with Shopwaive we made it that way

Open the app

First, just open the Shopwaive app, click the left menu item labeled Import
Click Import from left side menu

Get the template

In the popup that appears, click Get template to download a template CSV file to your local drive.

Add your customers into the template

Example template file with customer data being prepared to import into Shopwaive
Copy and paste into their respective columns your customer's email address, existing credit balance, and any note you'd like to attach to the customer import transaction. The email and balance are required, while any transaction note is optional. You also have the option to include Shipping credits, this column accepts integer values, each shipping credit is equal to free shipping on a single order. Enter "1" to give free shipping on a single order, or "0" to defer giving newly imported customers shipping credits.
The credit column can be any numeric value greater than or equal to 0. It does not require a currency symbol, but you can include it if it is convenient. Your credit currency will always be defined by the currency setting defined in Settings
The total number of customers that can be imported and at any given time is limited depending on your Shopwaive subscription plan. Our team can temporarily lift these restrictions upon request and based on need, please email us at [email protected]

Upload your customers

Ensure you save or export the template with your customer data as CSV (.csv file extension). Then simply click Upload CSV to import your data into Shopwaive. When the file upload is successful, your page will appear similar to the example provided below.
Customer accounts are successfully uploaded and ready for import
If you receive errors highlighted in red, follow the troubleshooting steps below
If you have trouble importing your customer data, try the troubleshooting steps listed here, otherwise you can skip this section and continue to Confirm and Import your customers

Troubleshooting imported customers

To ensure you are successful with importing your existing customer data, follow the guidance and requirements outlined below.
  1. 1.
    Ensure you use the CSV template file by clicking Get template
  2. 2.
    Only include data for the three columns in the template, and do not change the column titles
  3. 3.
    Check to be sure your customers email addresses are valid and are in the correct format
  4. 4.
    Only include numerical amounts greater than or equal to zero in the Credit column. Currency symbols are optional, but consider removing them if you receive errors. Define your store credit currency in the app Settings
  5. 5.
    If you exceed the limit for max number of customers imported, contact our support team at [email protected], depending on your subscription plan we may lift these restrictions.

Confirm and Import your customers

After you confirm the data is ready, click Import to proceed to import your customers into Shopwaive. If you have customers that did previously have a Shopify account, a Shopify account is created for them.
This is a very powerful tool, such that you can give store credit to new leads or potential customers that have opted-in for email notifications. You can then send emails manually within Shopwaive or connect your Klaviyo account and send automated Account activation requests with a store credit offer to encourage first-time customers to visit your site and spend their welcome rewards. Pretty neat, right? Yeah, we think so too! 🎉

Successful import

If the import is successful, you'll receive a success message. You can close the popup, you're done and your customer's credit is ready to be redeemed. For imported accounts greater than 500, allow up to 30 mins to sync with Shopify.
A success message appears when customer accounts are imported without issue