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Shopwaive develops advanced internet business and digital commerce technology for global CMS and website builder platforms

Features and functionality

Tip: Bookkeeping for store credit is conveniently accounted and issued separately from rewards, shipping, and discounts balances. Its through the combination of these distinct offerings, when leveraged with email marketing that Shopwaive can launch your brand to the next level
Store credit can be combined with shipping credit, rewards, and discounts. Each can be used for a powerful combination strategy to increase CRO and checkout conversions. See feature table below for more details
Store credit
Rewards and Discounts
Combine with other offers
Single expiry date
Pro & Enterprise available
Multiple expiry dates
Multiple for same email
Bulk import available
Bulk export available
Requires customer login
Refunds and exchanges
Digital wallet functionality
Shopwaive widget
Tapcart Integration
Klaviyo Integration
Zapier Integration
Email integration
Order API
Customer API and Top ups
Shopify POS
Subscriptions and Flows
Reporting and analytics
Currency options
Canvas design editor
Fraud protection
24/7 Customer Support
Tip: You have the option to create hundreds of rewards and discounts in seconds with or without assigning sender, recipient, and customer email. With Shopwaive we make it easy to get exactly what you need, and nothing you don't. See Rewards and Discounts for more details
Multiple store credits cannot be issued to the same email account or customer. Shopwaive's convention for customer store credit requires a single-source of truth for 1:1 digital wallet accounting and traceability. This means when using the store credit feature each customer email is assigned a single available balance per store and if defined, a single expiration date.
Multiple rewards and discounts can, however, be issued to the same email account or customer. In addition to issuing multiple rewards and discounts, you can define each with its own value, type, and expiration date. By default, assigning rewards and discounts to a specific customer or segment is optional and can be redeemed based on any criteria you define. See Rewards and Discounts for more details.
Enterprise features require the Shopwaive Pro subscription plan. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more
Have questions on any specific features? Contact us