Rewards and Discounts

Create multiple rewards or discounts for the same customer each with a unique expiration date, value, and voucher code

The Rewards and Discount features of Shopwaive are designed specifically for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands, to address their most frequent pain points and eliminate mundane tasks. Use these features to streamline your brand marketing strategies and work flows.

Product features

Note, Shopwaive store credit and gift cards are tracked and issued separately from rewards and discounts. Store credit and gift cards can be combined with shipping credit, rewards, and discounts but each can be used for a powerful combination strategy to increase CRO and checkout conversions. See feature table below and the full list of Shopwaive's products and their features

FeatureRewards and Discounts

Combine with other offers

Single expiry date

Pro & Enterprise available

Multiple expiry dates

Multiple for same email

Bulk import available

Bulk export available

Requires customer login

Refunds and exchanges

Digital wallet functionality

Shopwaive widget

Tapcart Integration

Klaviyo Integration

Zapier Integration

Email integration

Order API

Customer API and Top ups

Shopify POS

Subscriptions and Flows

Reporting and analytics

Currency options


Canvas design editor


Fraud protection

24/7 Customer Support

Tip: You have the option to create hundreds of rewards and discounts in seconds with or without assigning sender, recipient, and customer email. With Shopwaive we make it easy to get exactly what you need, and nothing you don't

Enterprise features require the Shopwaive Pro subscription plan. Contact us at to learn more


To enable Rewards and Discounts follow the steps outlined below.

Open the app and click the left side menu item labeled Settings

Once you click Settings, scroll down and toggle on the Rewards and Discounts setting.

Create discount codes

Tip: The terms voucher, rewards, and discount codes are used interchangeably throughout the documentation without any distinguishable difference. These terms all refer to redeeming an offer at the Checkout page by using a unique code in the Gift card or discount code field on the Shopify platform. You can also enter these codes in the Shopwaive popup to combine with other offers such as store credit or FREE shipping. See Combinations

Next, you'll be blown away by how fast and easy it is to create thousands of rewards, voucher, or discount codes in seconds, each with their own criteria you define.

After enabling Rewards, follow these steps to create unique discount codes

Create Bulk Discount Codes — Step-by-step:

  1. Click the Create Rewards button that appears after enabling Rewards

  2. Click the Get template link to download the template file to your local drive

  3. Fill out the template file with your reward definitions using a spreadsheet editor such as Google Sheets, Numbers, or Excel. Many options exist for each reward, but the minimum field requirements are OncePerCustomer, Value, and Type. Ensure you do not make any changes to the header names or format

  4. Save and export your template file to .CSV format

  5. Click the Upload .CSV button to import your rewards into Shopwaive

  6. If the file is determined to be in the correct format, you'll receive a success message at the bottom of the popup indicating the rewards are ready for import

  7. Click the Import button to create the rewards

If the Code field is left blank in the template file, a random alphanumeric code will be auto-generated. Many brands choose to follow naming conventions for codes for ease of tracking, analytics and reporting. Although not required, you may choose to add a unique suffix or prefix if generating hundreds of codes to make editing or deleting codes after the bulk creation event an easy task

Only the OncePerCustomer, Value, and Type fields are required for successful reward creation as noted by items marked with a check in the column labeled with an asterisk *

Template file description



Customer email



Discount code




percentage or fixed




Must be greater than 0




true or false




Expiry date




Integer greater than 0




Entitled collection ids




Entitled product ids




Entitled variant ids



If the reward is restricted to a single customer using the Email field (optional) and the email is not already associated with a Customer in the Shopify Admin, then you will need to upload the reward template definition twice. The first time a new Customer with email address you have defined will be created, after which point, when you upload the template file a second time the reward definition will be created and assigned to that customer.

Example template file













Example: A new high-growth global brand known as Unicorn Shoes has a long list of potential customers from a paid promotional email marketing campaign whom have not yet registered the email account through Unicorn's website. Using Shopwaive, the brand can grant welcome rewards, promotional offers, and discounts to incentivize these new potential customers

Creating rewards from the template

You can define rewards using any spreadsheet editor. Just copy and paste in your reward definitions into the template file you downloaded above. Then, export the file in .CSV format before uploading to Shopwaive

Collection, Product, and Variant IDs

You have the option to restrict rewards and discounts to only be eligible for redemption towards purchases of specific products defined by their collection ID, product ID, or variant ID.

If the rewards or discount applies to all collections, products, and variants then you can simply leave the cells beneath these headers blank (and skip the remaining portion of this section) Ensure you include the header names themselves (i.e. CollectionIDs, ProductIDs, VariantIDs) in the template file even if you do not define any

To find a specific product ID, simply navigate to the Shopify admin > Products > Select the product to be redirected to the product details page.

When you reach the product details page of the product that the reward or discount applies to, make note of the id found in the url at the top of the page. In the example below the product id is 7343146434776. Include this product ID in the template when defining the rewards definition. If more than one ID, separate each by comma.

Formatting IDs in the template file

Examples of proper formatting of the collection, product, and variant ID arrays are shown below

ProductIDsCorrect format?

[7343146434776, 5343146434770]


7343146434776 5343146434770




'7343146434776, 5343146434770'




Create and upload discounts

Refer to the GIF demo below that illustrates how to copy and paste your rewards definition into the template file and upload to Shopwaive. You can export, delete, or edit codes at anytime within the Shopify admin Discounts page

Contact our team at if you have any questions or need help getting started. We're here and happy to help.

Export discount codes

Now that you created rewards with Shopwaive, you can export the list of discount codes in just a few clicks

Export Discount Codes — Step-by-step:

  1. Open the Shopify admin and navigate to Discounts

  2. Click Export at the top right corner and then select All Discounts, or choose to filter discounts by the code title or any other attribute

  3. You will receive an email with a link to download your exported discounts. Note, if you did not define a discount code in the template file, an alphanumeric code is auto-generated

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