B2B requests & approvals

Brands can now leverage Shopwaive's B2B requests and approvals (RFA) business solution for handling vendor and 3rd-party deposits, credits, and debits

Requests and approvals (RFA) business suite is an extension available only upon request to our B2B partners. Contact our sales team to learn more

The following information assumes you are familiar with importing customer data into Shopwaive. For help understanding how to import customer data, refer to Import accounts

B2B 3rd-party Businesses and Vendors

First, you can provide a link to your B2B vendor portal url via email or list it on your website for easy and quick access by your business partners. Contact our team to receive your dedicated B2B vendor portal URL. They'll visit your portal and provide their contact information, download the template, and drag and drop their account adjustments into your queue.

After you signup and subscribe to Shopwaive Checkout, your vendor portal can be reached by vendors at:


For example, vendors of Surf San Diego LLC can submit RFAs at:


RFA requestors will choose an RFA submission type. Submissions can either Assign new balances (overrides existing or current available balance) or they can Increment existing balances. Typically recurring requests (i.e. 1st day of each month) or promotional related submissions will use the Increment type such that the submission will add new credit to a customers existing balance.

Upon completing the submission, they'll receive a notice their submission is currently under review and you'll receive one that it has been added to your queue automatically set to Pending status.

Notifications show RFAs in queue

To review your queue, just open Shopwaive and if you have RFAs waiting to be reviewed you will see them in your list of notifications at the top of the page.

Review RFA submissions

To review the in queue RFAs, simply click Review or anywhere on the listed item row from the Notifications popup. The review panel will populate.

Approve, reject, or approve with changes

You have the option to approve, reject, or approve with changes the RFA submission. If you make edits to the submission, including deleting rows, adding notes, or editing credits you need to export the new data set using the Export button. You can then drag the exported file back into the drag and drop panel to reload the modified RFA.

When you are satisfied, you can accept and import the transactions which take effect immediately. Most imports take effect within seconds. For large datasets with new customers without a previous account, allow an additional 2 seconds per new account. For each new customer you can estimate the time to complete using this formula:

No. of new customers x 2 seconds = ETA to complete

1000 x 2 seconds = 2000 seconds / (60 seconds / 1 minute) = Est. 33 mins to import 1000 new customers

Create an email that sends the RFA status change

When the RFA status changes, you may optionally choose to send an email from your branded sending domain. If approved, they'll receive a basic email message indicating their RFA is approved. You'll have the option to edit a custom message before sending the approval notice if you'd like to make changes to the messaging (see below).

Likewise, you can also continue conversation with your vendor if further action is required, i.e. if RFA is rejected initially, you may request a new RFA to be submitted with requested changes. If you opt to not notify your vendor by email, simply click the Close button at the top left of the page to discard the email draft.

Vendor access tokens

You can limit your 3rd party vendors access to your portal and organize their requests with access tokens, notes, and tags.

Contact our team to learn more at sales@shopwaive.com

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