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Checkout extensions

Make it easy for your customers to redeem their credit with a Shopify Checkout extension. Redeem credit with a single click
Shopify Plus Checkout extensions enable customers to checkout with credit with a single click

Features and functionality

Checkout Extensibility features that use Shopwaive's one-click redemption requires a Shopify Plus subscription
Customers redeem store credit at checkout with the Shopwaive use-shopwaive-credit extension.
Add the Shopwaive App block to your Checkout editor (Shopify Plus only)
Place the Use Store Credit button anywhere you like when you design your Checkout with Shopify Plus.
Issue partial refunds, select line item refunds with store credit
Store credit can be combined with other discounts or promotional codes if you enable this feature in the Shopify Discounts panel when creating the discount. Make these selections in the Combinations card, where you can choose to combine with other Products, Shipping, or Order discounts.
Combine store credit with other discounts by enabling combinations when creating your discount code
Shopify Plus stores need to upgrade to Checkout Extensibility before the Combinations card shows options to combine with Product, Order, and Shipping discounts.
Enterprise features require the Shopwaive Checkout subscription plan. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more
Have questions on any specific features? Contact us