Allow customers to combine store credit with store promotions, automatic discounts, discount codes, and gift cards

Tip: When you offer bespoke checkout experiences, customers rave about their ease of purchase and have an improved likelihood to be a frequent buyer. Use Shopwaive to design checkout flows, including stacking store credit with promotions to personalize the buying journey for each customer


To combine store credit with discount codes, rewards, or gifts redeemed by code follow the steps outlined below.

Open the app and click the initial avatar at the top right of the page where a drop down menu appears. Click the item labeled Settings

Once you click Settings, scroll down and toggle on the Combine with discounts setting.

Customer logs into their account

Once your customer logs into their account, the Shopwaive popup will now include a Discount code field, in addition to the credit redemption field.

After logging in, customers follow these steps to combine credit with discount codes


  1. Add items to your cart

  2. Click the Shopwaive button at the bottom left of the page and enter the amount of credit you wish to redeem into the top field

  3. Beneath the credit field, enter the discount code you wish to combine

  4. Click Apply to checkout to combine store credit with the discount code. If the discount code is not valid for your email address, items in your cart, or any other prerequisite defined by the discount code definition, you will receive a Not valid error.

  5. If successful, you'll proceed to checkout with store credit combined with the discount code by clicking the Go to checkout button.

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