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Export accounts

Exporting data for your third-party reporting and analytics teams is as easy as one click

Export customer balances

Export all your customer account balances with just one click. Follow the steps below to get a real-time snapshot of your customer account balances.
Open the app and click the item labeled Export on the left side menu
Click Export from the drop down menu
Once you click Export, a download will begin of a CSV of all your customer account data

Export customer transactions

If you'd like to receive a full ledger of all your customer transactions, including issuance and redemption of credit, follow the steps below.
Open the app, and click the Recent activity tab. Select which customer data to export, if you wish to export all data, simply check the box at the top of the list. Then click Export to CSV
Select customers and then click Export to CSV
Once you click Export to CSV you will receive a CSV of all your customer transaction data and can be used for reporting and analytics by your finance and marketing teams or your third-party partners.