Tapcart mobile app builder

Integrate Shopwaive with Tapcart's mobile app builder to create a powerful mobile-first checkout UX

When you offer personalized checkout experiences with Shopwaive and Tapcart, your customers have an improved likelihood of returning for a second and third purchase


Shopwaive is the leading e-commerce credit accounting platform global brands choose to offer the best digital wallet experience for their customers. Shopwaive offers reliable and secure transactional data services independent of your store platform, pricing structure, promotions, or discounts. This means you can bolt-on Shopwaive with your existing framework with ease, and without risk of conflicting with your existing marketing strategies.

For Shopify store merchants using Tapcart's mobile app builder, you can now sync your customer's store credit balances with a unique discount code.

For visitors using your store's Tapcart app available on the iOS Apple App Store or Android's Google Play, Shopwaive provides a new powerful solution. Customers using your app may receive push notifications on their mobile device with promotional offers, they can follow these links to your store to purchase items. With Shopwaive's Tapcart integration, they can combine these offers and redeem store credit you issue them by entering their email address in the discount code field.

Your desktop site visitors will continue to redeem their credit using the Shopwaive popup as they normally would

Setup Tapcart Integration — Step-by-step:

Open the app and click the initial avatar at the top right of the page where a drop down menu appears. Click the item labeled Settings

Once you click Settings, scroll down and toggle on the Checkout with Discount setting.

Customer opens app

Your customers may visit your mobile app after receiving a push notification or email offer.

Redeem credit within your mobile app

After customers open your mobile app and log into their account they'll be able to redeem their credit by pressing the button labeled Redeem at Checkout (Shopify Plus) or simply entering their email address in the discount code field.

Although by default guests can use apply their email discount prior to checkout, for security, we recommend requiring customers to log in to complete their purchase within the Shopify admin

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